This API only allows refunds of MB WAY payments and Credit Cards.


API Description.


Endpoint production: 


The request must be made using the POST method (GET requests will not be accepted) and in the body must be sent in JSON format according to the following structure:



     "backofficekey": "VOSSA_CHAVE_ACESSO_BACKOFFICE",


     "amount": "VALUE_TO_RETURN"



The “amount” format must be of the type “2.00” (decimal separator “.”)


The response to the request will also be returned in JSON format with the following structure:



     "Code": 0,

     "Message": "Payment could not be refunded"




• Code (integer)

• Message (text string)


Response codes:

• Code = 1 (Return made successfully)

• Message = “Successful refunded”


• Code = -1 (No sufficient balance* for refund)

• Message = “Insufficient funds”


• Code = 0 (check associated message)

• Message = “Message associated with the error”



* The balance is the sum of all available funds that have not yet been transferred to the customer's account, that is, all payments made from 8pm on the previous day until the moment of return.